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@ Abri-Bell, we believe every part of your body deserves protection & replenishment. Abri-Bell Body Cream Force I brilliantly reduces discoloration as it brightens every inch of your boby with its natural components...

Brightening Body Cream Force 1

SKU: 0003
  • This classic body cream is smooth, and full of collagen. It moisturizes and cleanses your skin very gently.
    This cream is advised principally for people with dark skin complexion or who have used whitening products without good results. It is also advised for people with very dry skin as it is riched in collagen, and quickly acts against excessive pigmentations.

    Usage Advice:

    - Clean your skin thoroughly and apply the body cream Force 1 on a dampened skin twice a day. You can add few drops of the Capital Action Serum or the ABRI-BELL Argan Carrot Oil to improve the brightening action.

    - Exfoliate your body at least every 15 days and associate Turkish bath to that. Do not go further than O3 months of exfoliation.

    - It is strictly forbidden to mix ABRI-BELL products with other tubes and bleaching products, sources of many skins disasters.


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