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Abri-Bell Face Cream Force 2 is an outstanding brightening facial moisturizer that will help to lift and reactivate the brightness of your complexion. It soothes and improves skin clarity and it’ll also slough away all impurities from your face and its richness in collagen assures you of an ever young-looking skin.

Face Cream Force 2

SKU: 0005
  • Ideal for rough skins. Enriched with collagen, the revigorating and purifying action reduces the proliferation of bacteria and excess sebum.

    Usage Advice:

    This day and night cream for men and women is used as anyone likes for a unique result.

    After cleansing with the Brightening Facial Lotion, apply it on your face and neck. 


    Do not associate any product with this cream, it is a complete one.


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